Burns National is a leading vehicle recovery broker, trusted by lenders nationwide, and maintains an excellent relationship with over 500 recovery agents nationwide.

What We Do

Upon receipt of new account information, our highly-trained staff of recovery experts will perform an in-depth search of the account holder’s personal information, including an address history review, social security review and impound search. Within one hour of receiving a new order, our nearest agent will be assigned to the case and provided with a complete account information in real time through the Recovery Database Network™.

Once accounts has been entered into our network and an agent has been assigned, our recovery experts will continuously utilize our state-of-the-art skip tracing tools to establish contact with debtors. In addition to our case workers being extensively trained on what they may and may not say during the collection process, they also have access to the tools and the training to find the information needed to recovery your collateral.

Open accounts are continuously skipped and updated bi-weekly to our clients until their assets have been recovered. Once a recovery has been made, a condition report and pictures are provided to the client within 24 hours and optional transportation arrangements can be made.