Account Options

At Burns National, we take a unique approach to account placement by allowing our lenders to continue working with their direct agents, but still providing them with nationwide LPR coverage. This enables our clients to take full advantage of nationwide service, while continuing to foster the individual longstanding relationships they have built. To do so, we have designed a series of account options to quickly let our staff know how an order should be placed. Accounts can be submitted as entire portfolios or on an individual basis. Clients may transition between account options any time after an order has been placed without closing or reassigning.


Post-Repossession Services:

As Burns National presents a number of options for placing accounts, we are equally flexible with units in post-repossession status.

Complimentary Services
Condition Report: The client will be provided with a full report describing the condition of the unit in repossession.

Pictures: Burns National provides photos of the vehicle and any noticeable damage after the recovery of the unit.


Optional Serivices

Keys: Burns National can facilitate key cuts on most repossessed units. Quotes can be provided on select accounts, all accounts, or we can set up a pre-approved maximum aimed at reducing follow-up correspondence.

Transportation: Burns National retains a full time transportation department to ensure the timely delivery to auction of repossessed units. Like keys, the client may choose to request quotes as they see fit, set up automatic bids on all accounts or go with a pre-approved maximum. With the pre-approved option, the client will not be help accountable for any storage that may accumulate on the vehicle.